Lake Paliastomi

Location: Lanchkhuti municipality, South-Western part, border of Guria and Samegrelo, Black Sea coast, lowlands of Guria; 0,3 m below sea level.

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 315km, from Poti – 5 KM, from Ozurgeti – 35 km, from Lanchkhuti -33 km, from Batumi – 65 km, from Kutaisi – 90 km.

The biggest part of Paliastomi lake is located in the region of Samaegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, but its western wing is a part of Guria and is situated on the territory of Lanchkhuti municipality. The surface area of the lake is 18 sq/km, space of the basin -547, maximum depth – 3 m, volume of water – 52 min. cubic  meters. Paliastomi is the third largest lake in Georgia.


River Pichori

Location: lanchkhuti municipality, Kolkheti lowlands

Access road: travel from river Pichori gorge is possible from Paliastomi lake, via Kolkheti National Park, by means of tourist route, as well as through walking trail: in the upper part of river Pichori, to the West from the town of Lanchkhuti leads a rocky road, distance from the gorge – 5 km, from Tbilisi up to the entrance to the gorge 325 km, from Ozurgeti – 45 km, from Lanchkhuti – 43 km, from Batumi – 75 km, from Kutaisi – 100 km.

River Pichori originates on the northern slope of Guria hill, on 245 m above sea level, and the drains into the Palistomi lake.

Kolkheti National Park lies in theriver Pichori gorge where landscape typical for Kolkheti marshlands and lowlands survives. In the river gorge are distributed plants and vegetation typical only for faraway Northern tundra and taiga wetland eco-systems.


Japana lake

Location: lanchkhuti municipality, Guria lowlands, 13 m above sea level

Access road: near railway line of Samtredia-Makhinjauri, by Japana Lake, runs a road of International importance – Georgian backbone higway С12, as well as  a road of internal public importance Japana-Abasha; distance from Tbilisi to the lake – 270 km, from Kutaisi – 50 km, from Lanchkhuti – 12 km.

The most part of this kind of lakes, lake Japana lake has been turned to day into a pond employed for nurturing fish. As it seems to be, in the village of Japana which was given to the lake, mulberry was a wide-spread plant. There are two more lakes on the territory of village Japana: Didi Narionali and Mtsire Narionali.

There is a Georgian architectural monument, medieval fortress, surviving not far from Japana Lake. It is situated on the rocky hillock. Not far from the fortress there are ruins of a big settlement.


Askana clays

Location: Ozurgeti municipality, territory of Askana community, village of Mtispiri

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 550 km, from Ozurgeti – 200 km.

Clay in Georgia is mined in many places and humans used it from times immemorial. Askana clay stands out for amazing characteristics. It can be used in Pharmaceutical and textile industries, perfumery, energy sector, agriculture, etc.

From the South village of Askana borders with river Gulefa which separates it from village of Mtispiri. There is a water-fall in Gulefa where it creates a lake of 8 meters wide. This spot by country population is called Ochochxa.



Location: Chokhatauri municipality, confluence of Meskheti range and its Northern bifurcation – Loboroti slope, near the source of river Supsa and Tsablaritskali

Access road: automobile road Akhaltsikhe-Khulo-Batumi has a fork wgerefrom a rocky trail starts and runs from village Upper Gagvi to summer meadows via villages Chechla and Mokhe. This is  a ground road for high performance vehicles. Distance from the village of Upper Gagvi until lake Didi Jali is 15 km, and from the village of Mlashe – 35 km. distance from Tbilisi – 280 km, from Adigeni – 50 km, from Batumi – 180 km. from the resort township of Sairme to Mepistskaro snakes a walking route on steep hills with the distance of 25 km.

Mount Mepistskaro existing on the height of 2850 m above sea level is the highest summit of the Meskheti range.

On the Northern slope of Meskheti range, near the spring water site Mepistskaro, on the height of the 2800 m above sea level, is the source of the longest river in Guria – river Sypsa, which flows into the Black Sea near the village of Grigoleti (length 108 km, basin space 1130 sq. km).