Location: Khoni municipality, surroundings of the village of Gordi, 520 m above sea level

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 277 km, from Khoni – 12km, from Kutaisi -42 km.

In the land of Imereti, within several kilometers from each other, are situated one of the tallest Karchkhi waterfalls in Georgia and the deepest Okatse kanyon.  In the area surrounding the village of Zeda Gordi it sires 16-km-long canyon with the depth of 35-50 meters and width – mean 4 meters.  In the environs of the village of Zemo Gordi the river gives birth to a wonderful natural monument – 2 km –long canyon, on the bottom of which natural bridges, caves and karst sources are placed.


Tskaltubo caves

Location: Tskaltubo municipality

Access road: distance from Tbilisi to the village of Kumistavi 245 km, from Tskaltubo – 7 km, from Kutaisi – 30 km.

Caves of Tskaltubo are part of the preserved territories of the Imereti province. Administrative office is stationed in the Sataplia reserve territory.

Territory of Sataplia reserve is the only place in the world where have been discovered up to 200 footprints of herbivorous and predator dinosaurs.

Total length of the cluster of caves in Sataplia amounts to 900 meters, depth – 10 meters, width – 12 meters. Its area is 330 ha. Reserve includes geological, paleontological, speleological, zoological and botanical benchmarks. 95 % of the territory is covered by Kolkhety-type of forest.

Infrastructure of the Sataplia Reserve includes the following: visitor center, conservation structure of dinosaurs footsteps, exhibition hall, glass panoramic observation spot, cafes, visitor-adjusted cave and marked walking paths.


Tsutskhvati cluster of caves

Location: Tkibuli municipality, to the south of the village of Tsutskhvati, hillock of Okriba-Argveti, 250-400 meters above sea level.

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 255 km, from Tkibuli – 30 km, from Kutaisi – 25 km.

Among the Tsutskhvati caves the tallest cave is on 60-70 meters above sea level.

Tsutskhvati cave under the cluster of caves with the height of 20-25 meters and width of 10-12 meters. The river Shabatagele continues its flow under the name of Chishura and joins river Kvirila near the village of Ajameti. The village has pine-tree grove and a spring of mineral water. Local population mentions this cluster cave system under the name of `Magara`.


Tskaltsitela gorge

Location: Tkibuli and Terjola municipalities; 130-200 meters above sea level

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 230 km, from Kutaisi – 10 km.

River Tskaltsitela (Red Water) starts on the elevation of 1080 meters above sea level, on the slopes of mount Nakerala of the Racha range. In route, it flows across Tkibuli and Terjola municipality territories, from the east, it borders the city of Kutaisi. It was named after the Khresili war.

Natural monument of Tskaltsitela Gorge is canyon-type gorge standing out for its special breathtaking beauty covered by forest typical for Kolkheti.

Natural monument of Jiason′s cave lies in Kutaisi, in the utmost southern part of Tskaltsitela canyon, near the bridge of te village of Godogni, on the right bank of the river, on 135 meters above sea level.

Natural monument of Sakazhia cave is situated in Terjola municipality, on the outskirts of the village of Godogani. The cave outstanding for its archeological, paleo-botanical and paleo-zoological discoveries is located on 2014 meters above sea level.

Natural monument of Nagarevi cave is located in 15 km from the gorge of Tskaltsitela.


Mukhura waterfall

Location: Tkibuli municipality, environs of the village of Mukhuri, not far from the motor way Tkibuli-Mukhuri; 886 meters above sea level

Access road: the nearest relatively populated locality to the natural monument is the town of Tkibuli. Distance from Tbilisi – 244 km, from Kutaisi – 77 km, from Tkibuli to the natural monument of Mukhuri Waterfall is 8,5.

The Mukhuri 60-70 meter tall, three-step waterfall flows from the cave which lies on the slope of the eastern exposition. There is one small and one big lake in the cave. The banks of the of the waterfall are covered with mixed deciduous forest.

In nearly 1 km from the Mukhuri waterfall is located the village of Mukhura the center of which is situated on the height of 640 meters above sea level. There are also mineral water springs in the village.


Sairme pillar

Location: Baghdadi municipality, northern slope of Meskheti range, gorge of river Tsablistskali, 8000 meters above sea level

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 240 km, from Bagdadi – 20 km, from Kutaisi – 40 km.

Balneological resort of Sairme, rich with curing mineral water springs, is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous forests sprawling to many hectares where there are numerous species of pines, fir, beech, lime and chestnut centennial trees.

In 3 km from the resort Sairme, is standing a rocky pillar of 30 meters consisting of the solid  foundation, 5 boulders lying like tier after tier, and six wider one, on the top.. on this last boulder grows a fir-tree. There is natural monument is called Sairme Pillar. The size of a foundation is 12×10 m, height – 20 m, boulder thickness – 1-3 m. from South-East it is connected with the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park.


Kvasakdara pillar

Location: Baghdadi municipality, Northern slope of Meskheti mountain range, water divide of river Sairmisgeli and Kershaveti, near motor way Sairme-Abastumani, 2205 meters above sea level.

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 265 km, from Baghdadi – 45 km, from resort Sairme – 25 km, from Kutaisi – 65 km.

To the South-East from resort Sairme, in the basin of river Tsablara, on the elevation of 2205 meters above sea level, in the upper area of the locality `Tsitelmindori`, are lying a number of stone poles named by the locals `Kvasakdar`. The tourist site occupies the middle segment of the motor way Bahgdadi-Sairme-Abastumani-Akhaltsikhe. The gorge has interesting tourist attractiveness. There are ruins of historical monuments here.


Nunisi gorge

Location: Kharagauli municipality, northern slope of Meskheti range; 900 m above sea level

Access road: distance from Kharagauli – 35 km, from the nearest railway station Moliti – 15 km, from Tbilisi – 150 km, from Kutaisi – 95 km.

In the gorge of river Nunisi, waterfall is within territory of Borjomi-Haragauli National Park. In 1 km from the waterfall starts marching route –path of a pristine grove – the shortest trail crossing National Park. Duration of the route is 6 hours and overall it means coverage of 12-13 km.

The gorge of Nunisistskali is outstanding for its mineral (balneological) waters treatment qualities. At the 750 meters above sea level situated famous balneological resort of Samta Nunisi. Nunisi water before was used by the population for curing skin disease mange. That is why the village was called Munisi. David Agmashenebeli liked the village and directed ti build a church there.

The church bears the name of Mother Mary. Within the distance of 2 km from the church, in the depth of the forest, lies a place called `Monks Cliff`. This complex consists of three caves distinctive in the cliff.


Katskhi pillar

Location: Chiatura municipality, gorge of river Katskhura, the village of Katskhi. River Katskhura gorge, the village of Katskhi, 585 meters above sea level.

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 190 km, from Chiatura – 10 km, from Kutaisi – 65 km.

Amongst the villages of Upper Imereti, village of Katskhi is one of the oldest and most beautiful with rich and interesting history. The term `Katskhi` from the Svan means `peak`. This is proved also by geographic location of the village.

On the territory of Katskhi is standing natural limestone pillar – rocky mass. The pillar is approximately 40-45 meters high, while the space of its square top surface is nearly 150 sq. m. the Pillar stands upright.. there is a church of modest size.

Near the Katskhi Pillar, in the basin of river Katskhura, there are several karst caves: Katskhi I, Katskhi II, Chalisklde and Korbouliklde caves. On this territory there is a Chalisklde well, too.


Kvakuntia of Khreiti

Location: Chiatura municipality, village of Khreiti, southern slope of Racha mountain range, outset of river Buji, 1280 meters above sea level

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 200 km, from Chiatura – 22km, from Kutaisi – 92 km

Village of Khreiti  being one of the highest in terms of hypsometry settlements in Chiatura, borders Racha.

On the territory of the village, in 6 km from its center, is a special natural beauty – swinging boulder called by the locals `Kvakuntia `. The weight of the boulder is approximately 7-8 tons and its size is 1,5×1,3 m.


Dzudzuana cave

Location: River Kvirila gorge, Chiatura municipality, village of Mgvimevi

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 180 km, from Chiatura – 5 km, from Kutaisi – 76 km.

Dzudzuana cave which is located in 2 km from the village of Mgvimevi to the east, in the gorge of river Nekrisi, is well known in the worlds scientic circles.


Lake Devi

Location: Sachkhere municipality, to the north-west from the village of Mokhvi, on the southern slope of Racha range, on the territory of  a forest, 1370 meters above sea level.

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 194 km, from Sachkhere – 20 km, from Kutaisi – 100 km.

Lake Devi is one of the important karst lakes in Georgia. It shore length runs up to nearly 550 meters, width – 80 meters, the deepest point – 10, 7 meters.

Walking tourist route leading to the lake starts to the North from the village of Mokhvi, on the elevation of 1050 meters above sea level. From April until August the cavity of the lake is filled with water, and from September the level of water in the lake goes down by approximately 1,5-2 meters, and entrance to the cave of the lake is easy.