Udabno poles

Location: sagarejo municipality, western part of Ivris Plateau, 500-600 meters above sea level

Access road: the length of grouns road from the village of Udabno is 9-10 km; distance from Tbilisi – 100 km, from Sagarejo – 50 km

Udabno rocky pole erected by dense Neogene limestones. On the very flat spot stands 5,2 meter-high, 2 meter-long and 1,2 meter-wide bizzare natural creature. There are many such poles on Ivris plateau.

To the south of Udabno pole, in 15 km, on the rocky mountains of Gareji is located one of the outstanding religious and cultural centers of the feudal era Georgia, David Gareja monastery complex hollowed out of the rock face founded in the first half of the VI century by one of the 13 Assyrian monks – St. David Gareji.


Takhti-Tepa mud volcano

Location: Dedoplistskaro municipality; southern part of Dali water pool, 620 meters above sea level

Access road: distance from the Dali mount waterpool is 5 km, fromfrom Tbilisi – 170 km, from Telavi – 125 km, from Dedoplistskaro – 35 km.

This is the way several meter-high whitish flat-topped hillock sitting on the parallel mountain of  Takhti-Tepi range – a mud volcano of the same name erupts and bubbles. The biggest crater diameter of mud volcano on the hillock is 3,5-4 meters. It is active like many other vents of smaller size located around it. it has non-stop eruption or spilling of gases, mud  and oil having healing qualities.

The monument of non-organic nature is part of Vashlovani preserved territory. In 5 km from the volcano to the north, in the lower flow of river Ivris is Dali mountain water pool. It is the third largest water reservoir in Georgia and its water volume runs up to 140 million cubic meters.


Pantishara canyon

Location: Dedoplistskaro municipality, the utmost eastern part of Georgia; 500 meters above sea level.

Access road: from the village of Kasristskali to the canyon leads ground road, distance os 30 km; distance from Tbilisi – 200 km, from Telavi – 155 km, from Dedoplistskaro – 65 km.

Located in Dedoplistskaro district, at the very end of the Ivris plateau, between the rivers Iori and Alazani, the territories of Vashlovani preserved territories. These zones of landscapes are as follows: desert, semidesert, steppe, arid thin forests and desidious forests. The territory encompasses Pantishara-Vashlovani massif sitting on the height of around 300-600 meters above sea level.


Alazani floodplain

Location: Dedoplistskaro municipality, to the south-east of the village of Pirosmani, river Alazani vallay, 165-190 meters above sea level.

Access road: distance from the village of Pirosmani – 5 km, from Tbilisi – 185 km, from Telavi – 115 km, from Dedoplistskaro – 55 km.

River A lazani the length of which is 407 km is the longest known river in Georgia.

The natural monument of Alazani floodplain in the Alazani valley, or Ground nuts bay is a promontory having the shape of a peninsula which is encroached into the river.


Ninoskhevi waterfall

Location: lagodekhi municipality (Ninigori community), A lazani plain, river Ninoskhevi gorge, 1300 meters above sea level.

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 180 km, from Lagodekhi – 15 km, from Telavi – 90 km.

Fro protected territories in Georgia, the first was founded in Kakheti, on the territory of Lagodekhi district. In this marvelous gorge are distributed relict plants: Lagodekhi gentian, Lagodekhi snowdrop, primrose, bladdernut (jonjoli), wingnuts, chesnut trees etc. a traveller can come across here also such species as roe deer, deer, wild boar and birds of prey.

In 8 km past the village opens up a wonder scenery wherefrom the altitude of 45 meters falls one of the most beautiful in Georgia, Ninoskhevi water stream. Waterfall is situated in the gorge of river Ninoskhevi, that is why it is sometimes called Ninoskhevi waterfall. Passing a fern grove, it is possible to reach the top of the waterfall and see how foamed water falls and how water drops spill on the moss-grown boulders.


Lake of black rocks

Location: lagodekhi municipality, about 2900 above sea level

Access road: in the direction of Black Rocks it is recommended to use tourist route starting from the administration of Lagodekhi protected areas; distance from Tbilisi to Lagodekhi – 155 km.

In the alpine zone of Lagodekhi there are several very beautiful lakes of glacier origin. The biggest among them – Lake of Black Rocks – sits on the altitude of 2900 meters above sea level. Its depth attains 12 meters. Tourist route goes up step by step and reaches this upper border of the forest entering an Alpine zone. It is marvelous picture to see broad rhododendron-rich, wild grass islands, foggy sites and lakes from icing period making Alpine belt a breath-taking beauty.

Lake of Black Rocks is natural border between Georgia and Republic of Dagestan in the Russian Federation.


Duruji boulder

Location: to the north from the town of Kvareli, gorge of the left tributary of Alazani river – Duruji; 430 meters above sea level

Access road: distance from Kvareli – 3 km, from Tbilisi – 135 km, from Telavi – 40 km.

In the gorge of the left tributary of Alazani river – Duruji river, sits a huge limestone shale boulder brought by a landslide having the size of 5,8×4,2×4 meters. Among the displaced boulders it is the biggest in Kakheti.

River Duruji sets off on the southern slope of Greater Caucasus Mountains as a result of the confluence of Black and White Duruji rivers. The length of the river is 27 km.


Gombori cliff

Location: Sagarejo municipality, near the village of Verona; 1480 meters above sea level

Access road: near the motor road Tbilisi-Gombori-Telavi in 1,5 km from the village of Verona; distance from Tbilisi – 60 km; from Sagarejo – 62 km, from Telavi – 35 km.

Gombori range continues from the north to the south-east. Its length is 107 km. the highest summit (1991 meters) is a watershed of rivers Alazani and Ivris.

Mariamjvari State Preserve in Sagarejo municipality, on the southern slpoes of Gombori range, was founded relict Sosnovski pine-tree. Its area is 1033 ha, preserve includes also Korugi Managed Reserved Territory (2068 ha).

On the elevation of 1620 meters is situated Gombori pass connecting with this motorway inner Kakheti with outer Kakheti.


Batsara gorge

Location: Akhmeta municipality, right side of river Alazani; 750 meters above sea level

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 140 km, from Akhmeta – 26 km, from Telavi – 55 km.

The biggest amount of conifer (yew) is preserved in the Batsari State Preserve.

Batsari sanctuary is in Pankisi gorge, to wit, in the gorge of river Batsari, right tributary of river Alazani, on the height of 700-2000 meters above sea level. In the middle part of the gorge, yew groves have survived on the area of nearly 270 ha. Such large groves of yew have no analogue in the world. Local residents call the oldest conifer `Patriarch Tree`. The age of the tree is approximately 1800 years, height exceeds 30 meters.


Natural monument in Tusheti

Location: Akhmeta municipality, left side of river Pirikhiti Alazani, 1650-4493 meters above sea level

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 202 km, from Akhmeta – 102 km, from Telavi – 112 km, from Omalo – 12 km.

According to current admin istrative division, the whole territory of Tusheti (869 sq, km) is part of the Akhmeta municipality, Kakheti region, and includes several villages with still available fixed population. The villages are placed on the elevation from 1900 to 2400 meters above sea level. The village of Omalo is regarded as the center of Tusheti.

Villages and fortresses and towers built of local shale stone, along with natural environment, create high quality landscape values.

Otherthan historical and ethnographic monuments, Tusheti is interesting also from geographic point. For example, there is rather big formation of old travertines near the hamlet of Dartlo. They are both growing and petrified travertines.

There are a lot of healing mineral waters in the region. There are alkali salty water springs near the villages of Khiso, Shenako, Parsma, Nasoplari and Chontio.

Tusheti is home to the village of Bochorna – the highest sitting populated village in Europe (height of the center above sea level – 2345 meters).