Kvemo Kartli

Berta (oliangi) karstic source

Location: Tsalka municipality, Tsalka cave; 1600 m. above sea level.

Access road: from motor way Tsalka-Ninotsminda there is a fork near the village of Aiazma wherefrom a rocky road runs in the direction of the village of Berti, passes the village of Nar-devani, then the village of Kushch, distance till the karst source 6 km; distance from Tbilisi 108 km, from Tsalka 28 km.

Such kind of karstic sources are special treats in southern Georgia mountain areas, namely, in Tsalka, Javakheti, Gomareti, Dmanisi and other plateaus.

In the Tsalka cavity, in the village of Berta, on the height of 1600 m above sea level, arises one of the largest quantity karstic sources. This wonder of nature hosts a lot of guests.


Canyon of Dashbashi

Location: Tsalka municipality, Tsalka and Trialeti settlement territory, surroundings of the village of Dashbashi, 1110-1448 m above sea level

Access road: the nearest big settlement ling near the natural monument is the townie of Tsalka; from Tsalka till the village of Dashbashi is 3,8 km, from Dashbashi to the canyon – 0,5 km; distance from Tbilisi – 90 km.

That is the name of village in Tsalka municipality which used to be the seat of Sabaratiano rulers and military commanders. There are two churches in Dashbashi.

Dashbashi canyon is built in volcanic sediments. To the north-west from Dashbashi canyon, in 3 km, at 1506 m above sea level, is lying water reservoir on river Ktsia in Tsalka the biggest in Georgia.


Canyon of Samshvilde

Location: municipality of Tetri Tskaro, near the village of Samshvilde

Access road: the nearest settlement is the village of Samshvilde of Tetri Tskaro municipality from which distance to tetra Tskaro is 6 km, distance from Tbilisi 72 km.

Canyon  of Samshvildi starts from the rock of Samshvildi cape and engulfs 5-6 km Samshvildi canyon and 3-4 km long canyon of river Chivchavi.

Not far from here is situated VIII c. AD masterpiece of Georgian architecture, central-dome Episcopal Cathedral – Samshvilde Sioni.



Location: watershed of rivers Tedzami and Algeti, 2000 m above sea level

Access road: from the territory of Tsalka municipality runs a motor way to Kldekari; near the village of Imeri there is  a fork on Kumisi-Tsalka-Ninotsminda motor road, and from that point a rocky road leads to Kldekari having crossed the villages of Tsalka municipality. From the village of Imeri a distance is 25 km; distance from Tbilisi 105 km, from Tsalka 35 km.

A passageway is cut at the foot of the rock, `kldis kari` in Georgian (gate to the rock). The name of the place comes from here. Territory of Kldekari is part of the of Algeti National Park. In 2007 it was awarded the status of a National Park. On the territory of Algeti National Park flows river Algeti. General area of Algeti National Park is 6822 ha, and 6044 ha is covered by forest.

Near the rocks of Kldekari, on the elevation of 1900 m above sea level, is the source of 108-km-long river Algeti.


`Titans` pavement of Bedeni

Location: Tetri Tskaro municipality, plateau of Bedeni massif, between the source of rivers Kldesistskali and Chivchavi, 1600-1700 m above sea level, watershed of rivers Algeti and Ktsia. The highest peak is mount Bedeni (1875 m.)

Access road: it is possible to reach a monument from Tetri Tskaro in two ways: by passing Didi and Patara Kldeisi or via the village of Ivanovka; in the first case a car can travel up to Didi Kleisi, while in the second – nearly up to the end. Distance from Tbilisi 90 km, from Tetri Tskaro – 40 km.

`Titans` pavement is a figurative expression of volcanic lava-lake surfaces, are divided in polygons. These polygons are heads of pillar-looking lava-like blocks.

Plateau of Bedeni in the region of Kvemo Kartli. Diameter of polygons attains it here sometimes 2-3 meters. Later on burials of Bedeni plateau were singled out in separate group and called `Bedeni Culture`.

On the southern perhiphery of Bedni plateau, near the site of Nadarbazevi, on 1419 m above sea level, there is a Turtle (Nadarbazevi) lake. In 10 km from the downtown, is located a monument of Georgian architecture – Nadarbazevi castle constructed back in IX-X centuries.


Khorkhebi cave

Location: Teri Tskaro municipality, environsof the village of Patara Kldeisi, 1400 m above sea level

Access road: distance from the road Tetri Tskaro-Khrami HPP to Khorkhebi is 7 km. a car can ride up to the approaches of the village Patara Kldeisi; distance from Tbilisi 80 km; from Tetri Tskaro 32 km.

Even in the hottest period of the year temperature in the cave is rather low, thus creating favorable conditions for forming ice sheets.

On the territory of the village of Kldeisi there is a waterfall near which is located a cave full o water in summer and full of ice in winter.


Chkhikvta trinity

Location: Tetri Tskaro municipality, territory of the village of Chkhikvta, right side of the gorge of river Algeti, 1196 m above sea level.

Access road: near the freeway of Tbilisi-Tetri Tskaro starts a 1 km rocky road crossing a forest and climbing an ascend. In good wather it is possible to ride a four-wheeler; distance from Tbilisi 60 km; from Tetri Tskaro 5 km.

Chkhikvta trinity, or `Plot of Heroes` is a cone-like hill on top of which stands St. Trinity Chapel.volcanic boulders here are not different from similar lavas providing ground to other plateaus of southern Georgia.

On the north-west slope of Chkhikvta trinity, in the gorge of river Algeti, in the proximity of the village of Tbisi, is situated Algeti water pool. Its length is 3,7 km, width 0,4 km.


Birtvisi rocks

Location: Tetri Tskaro municipality, river Algeti gorge; elevation of Birtvisi rocks 950-1050 m above sea level.

Access road: to the east of the village of Partskhisi, in6-7 km, runs a walking trail; path goes also from the village of Tbisi in Tetri Tskaro municipality, distance 5 km; distance from Tbilisi 55 km; from Tetri Tskaro – 20 km.

In the rocky cone-like mountains of Birtvisi, the least accessible Birtvisi fortress as it is known in the nation, is located.in the highest point of the citadel stands a tower `Invincible` from where one can have excellent look-out of the surrounding areas. We ascend to the legenadry Birtvisi fortress by staircase cut in the rocks of the fortress.