Shida Kartli

Travertines of Britata

Location: Java municipality, 1920 meters above sea level

Access road: motor road Tskhinvali-Edisi-Ermani leads to the village of Shua Ermani in the Java municipality, from the village of Lower Ermani connected with Java by a motor way, to travertine’s of Britati leads a walking path of 5 km which can be used for horse riding; distance from Tbilisi – 167 km, from Gori – 100 km, from Java – 37 km

Travertine – is formed from hot or cold springs: precipitation of mineral water flowing from the outlets form  solution in the ground that in the course of time creates unusual layers of sedimentary rock.

In Java municipality, in the surrounding area of the village of Britati and, partly, in the ground under the village there are significant deposits of time travertine. Power of growth attains several meters. There is a mineral lake near Kvemo Britati (diameter 16-18 meters) which looks like boiling from extracting of gases. Britati is one of the foremost travertine development regions in Georgia.


Lake Ertso

Location: Java municipality, council of Tsoni, origination of river Kvirila, confluence of Racha and Likhi mountain ridges; 1710 meters above sea level

Access road: Gori-Tskhinvali-Oni motor road not far from Lake Ertso; distance from Tbilisi – 157 km, from Gori – 75 km, from Java – 25 km.

Lake Ertso occupies four funnels, lake Devi – two. Therefore, lake Ertso is the biggest known karst lake in Georgia. The mirror surface area of the lake is 0,31 sq. km, volume of water – 650 thousand cubic meters, the deepest spot – 19 meters. For nearly 5 months Lake Ertso is covered with ice.


Cave Tsona

Location: Java municipality, countryside council of Tsona, source of river Kvirila, southern slope of mount Bubi; 2100 meters above sea level.

Access road: surrounding areas of Tsona  cave be reached by car from Tskhinvali-Oni motor road (7-8 km) by tumpike using the run near lake Ertso. Distance from Tbilisi – 165 km, from Gori – 83 km, from Java – 33 km.

Near the village of Tsona, on the southern slope of Mount Buba, on 21000 meters above sea level, is located tonnel-like cave of karst origin which was discovered in 1958.


Lake Bateti

Location:  Kareli  municipality, territory of Zugdidi, basin of river Dzami, northern slope of Trialeti range; 1313 meters above sea level.

Access road: distance from the fork to rocky turnpike in Dzama gorge is 3 km, then it snakes to the climb where four-wheel high-performance vehicle is needed. Route units main segments is for walking; from remnants of village Bateti to the lake is 1,4 km. distance from Tbilisi 120 km, from Kareli – 25 km, from Gori – 55 km, from Kutaisi – 155 km.

The deepest point of the lake is 12 m, its length is 190 m, width – 150 m. it is guised in the colorful forest.

Bateti lake is one of the most popular and easy-to-rich tourist destinations.


Biisi waterfall

Location: Gori municipality, right bank of river Tana; 1222 m above sea level

Access road: to the gorge of river Biisistskali leads a turnpike, from the fork to the waterfall the distance is 3 km, distance from Tbilisi 104 km, from Gori -27 km.

In the upper of the river Tana, in the gorge, there is a 50-meter-high waterfall. In January and February when temperature in the gorge goes deeply down, waterfall is completely frozen.

Biisi waterfall is one of the amazing pictures which lovers of mountain climbing, adventures, tourist marches or simply beauty spot travellers can see.

In 3 km from Biisi waterfall, on the right bank of river Tana, on 1080 meter above sea level, is located climatic and balneological resort Biisi noted for its awesome landscapes and unique health and mineral waters.


Kvernaki rock remnants

Location: Kaspi municipality, foot of the southern slope

Access road: from motor road Kaspi-Metekhi towards Kvernaki rocky leftovers leads a ground trail, distance 1,5 km; distance from Tbilisi – 68 km, from Gori – 35 km, from Kaspi 8 km.

Kvernaki range spreads across the left bank of Mtkvari river. It total length amounts to approximately 70 km. on the southern slope of eastern Kvernaki rocky relief is represented cliffs and cavities are lot. The most interesting in this vein is a complex of caves in the rock-hewn fortress-town Uplistsikhe. Today Uplistsikhe is an outdoor museum under the sky annually hosting thousands of tourists. On the southern slope are ruins of the church of Tetrakhevi monks. Foundation of the church is tied with the name of one of the 13 Assyrian Fathers, Tate Stepantsmindeli.