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Varieties of Georgian Cheese

Cheese is an important of the Georgian Cooking. It is served separately and used as ingredient of many courses. For instance: Khachapuri, Elarji, Gebzhalia, Kaimagi, Tashmijabi etc. Besides cheese, other milk products are often used in Georgian cuisine: such as Cottage Cheese and Curd Cheese.

Imeretian cheese – this cheese is made from cow milk. It is a soft, mild-cured, porous cheese. It is the best sort for making Khachapuri.

Sulguni – this sort of cheese is traditional for Samegrelo and Svaneti. It is made from cow or buffalo milk. To make Sulguni you should pound the thin slices of fresh cheese in boiled water or milk. After this process you get layers of Sulguni.

Sqibu – is a sort of Sulguni, to which dried mint is added. This roun-shaped cheese has a hole in the middle like a millstone. In Megrelian dialect sqibu means millstone.

Coat Cheese – this kind of cheese is traditional in Samegrelo. It is hard but crumbly, with distinct taste. Nowadays it is a specialty because of its small production.

Smoked Sulguni – may be ordinary round-shaped or it could be of various shapes and sizes. This sort of cheese should be smoked for several weeks.

Shredded Cheese – this cheese is traditional in southern Georgia and hillside Adjara. Cream of cow milk is used to make it. They make a hole in the middle of preparedcheese; then braid it and keep it in salted water.

Compact cheese – this cheese is made of Shredded cheese. They cut it up, separate the layers and put them in cream. Compact cheese is very nourishing and usually it is kept in pot, which is buriedin the ground, to be ready for use.

Guda Cheese – the yellowish-grayish, big-sized cheese is a traditional component of Tusheti cuisine. The name „Guda“ was given to this cheese thanks to the technology of its preparation, because it becomes ready for use after they place it in Guda (sheepskin bag).

Factory made Georgian Cheese – this cheese is made of the pasteurized milk of caw, buffalo or sheep. Because of similar shape and large holes it is often mistaken for „Guda“.

Sulguni Rolls – Sulguni is a very soft cheese; therefore, you can prepare a great variety of dishes from it. Sulguni rolls with different stuffing are very tasty. For the stuffing you can use ground nuts and bacon, estragon, cottage cheese with mint, sweet pepper, etc.

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