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Terms & Conditions

General Information to know

Welcome to GIKO Travel LTD. Please carefully familiarize yourselves with our terms and conditions. To book any service on our website carsandrooms.ge you admit and agree to our policy, our terms and conditions.

If any part of our terms and conditions are unclear or you do not agree with it, stop booking process and contact us via e-mail: carsandrooms@gmail.com or phone numbers: +995 577 19 18 15; +995 599 90 90 20 or +995 596 19 19 11.

Car rental service

GIKO Travel LTD offers you to rent a car at the lowest price in Georgia. Our prices are affordable for any categories of clients. Car rental price depends on hiring period. Due to car rental duration, the daily rental price can be reduced. Besides, our regular customers will get 10-40% special discount coupon which can be used for booking any car. Getting and returning the car is possible in our office as well as at the hotels, airports or at any place in Georgia.

Requested documents and Terms of the contract

After renting the car the customer is required to deliver copies of the passport and the driving license in order to prepare the contract in advance. Car renting process takes 10-15 minutes.

Driving license

Driving license printed in Cyrillic alphabet is valid for a year in Georgia. A driver, driving a hired vehicle, is obliged to have a valid license and at least one year of driving experience.

Car renting procedures

You can book the vehicle in three different ways:

  1. On-line booking via the website: carsandrooms.ge. Booking must be done 24 hours in advance.
  2. Via e-mail: carsandrooms.@gmail.com. Where you can get prompt answer and booking the car in demand.
  3. Through our toll contact number 24/7: +995 577 19 18 15; +995 599 90 90 20 or +995 596 19 19 11.

Booking via our website offers you to book cars from different foreign sites, but English, Russian, Georgian are our communicative languages.

Canceling and changing the booking

Booked vehicle, which is confirmed by our company, can be canceled by you without any extra payment, but it must be done within 24 hours, before the hiring period starts. If you want

to change the date, time, duration or anything else, notify us through the e-mail at least 24 hours in advance before the renting period starts.

Checking procedure before renting

Car leasers often have problems with companies since they do not check car condition and do not pay attention to some important details. Our company GIKO Travel LTD recommends you to get a car in compliance with the following rules.

  1. Examine the interior and exterior of the car visually. If you notice some damage, take photo in presence of company representative.
  2. Check the amount of fuel and write down the data or take photo of indicator panel.
  3. Check the car mileage and write down the data or take photo of indicator panel.
  4. Check the oil in the engine.
  5. Check the cooling fluid.
  6. Check the brake fluid.
  7. Check the windshield washer fluid.
  8. Check whether the vehicle is equipped with a spare tire, a jack and a wrench.
  9. Check electrical devices, front and side lights, flickers, heating system, air conditioner, doors and windows lock.
  10. Start the car, warm-up the engine and check the brake.

Taking into consideration our recommendations, the problems will be reduced to minimum. Recommendations are important to eliminate car failure during the leasing period.

Prices and Currency

Rental cost includes:

  1. 100% insurance of the car, the driver and the third person
  2. Unlimited mileage
  3. Parking fee throughout Tbilisi
  4. All additional expenses
  5. Deposit on some cars, which is paid back to a customer as soon as the vehicle is returned in the same condition.

Lari is a Georgian currency, in which the payment is done, Currency code is GEL and 1 lari consists of 100 tetris.

In case of having another currency, for example USD or EUR we will help our customers to exchange it according to the official rate of the National Bank of Georgia.

Payment is carried out after signing the contract and delivering the car.

Several important aspects of insurance policy

Each vehicle is insured in the leading Georgian insurance company. The insurance company covers 100 % of the damage caused by the car accident, natural disaster, theft and other misfortunes. In case of a car accident the driver does not pay anything for the car or the third person. If the driver (a person who drives the hired car) causes an accident, he has to pay only administrative fine for violation of the traffic rules.

The life insurance of the driver and the passengers is 10000 $, this amount can be increased up to 20 000$ or 50 000$. For this you have to send us a copy of your passport at least 4c business days in advance before the rental period starts.

The life insurance for a driver and passengers is limited to 20 000$ and additional fee is 30 euros, if the amount is increased up to 50 000 USD the fee is 65 euros.

According to the insurance policy, the number of drivers is not restricted (a hired vehicle can be driven by several different drivers without any extra payment), but the following rules must be obeyed:

  1. The driver must be no less than 21 years old
  2. The driver must have at least one year of driving experience
  3. The driver must have a valid driving license
  4. The driver must not drive the car under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. The driver must not give the car to a person who does not meet the requirements listed above.
  6. Do not start the car from the accident site and immediately call the police 112 as well as our office and the insurance company.

At the time of the car accident it is necessary the police to fill in the documents and the insurance company will compensate the damage based on this documents. Otherwise if the driver does not call the police, our office and the insurance company he will be responsible to compensate all losses.

The driver must take care of the car tires while driving on the rough roads. This case is not considered as an accidental damage and no insurance company in Georgia will compensate this damage. Having damaged the tire, the driver is responsible for reimbursement losses which is ranged from 40 to 110 EUR.

Insurance Assistant Service:

  1. In case of flat tire you can contact the insurance company and their representatives will help you to change the spare tire.
  2. If fuel is run out you will be provided with enough fuel to drive to the nearest petrol station by the insurance company representative. This amount of fuel should be paid in cash.
  3. If the battery becomes low the representative of the insurance company will help you to start the car.
  4. If the vehicle breaks down, the insurance company will help you to evacuate it to the nearest auto service for free.

Driver’s obligation

  • Make sure the passenger next to him wears a seat belt.
  • The driver is obliged to follow the traffic rules.
  • Do not break the Georgian legislation while driving the hired vehicle.
  • Pay any fines imposed ion the car during the rental period, in case of violation of the traffic rules or Georgian legislation.
  • Take care of the hired vehicle, do not damage it mechanically.

If any damages are found when returning the car (damage which is not associated with car accident or other cases provided by the insurance policy), the customer is obliged to fully compensate the damage.

Speed limit in Georgia

While driving in the city, the speed limit is 50-60 km/h and 110 km/h on highways. You can control speed by special markings on the roads.

Vehicle mileage

Vehicle mileage is unlimited for all cars.


Our company offers tourists all necessary equipment for travelling, such as GPS navigator, baby seats, roof luggage, roof basket, skiing and bicycle fastener, hawser, anti-sliding chains and others. They can be easily requested by marking the special space while booking.

Vehicle picking up and dropping off service terms

We offer you picking up and dropping of the car in the office as well as in the hotels, airports in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Mestia, Ambrolauri or in any other places in Georgia.


Most cars in our company are rented without the deposit. Vehicles that are rented with the deposit can be marked and the amount of the deposit will be shown after clicking the car. Deposit rate is depends on the vehicle it varies from 100-400 EUR

Technical Assistance service

In case if the car fails working properly, you should immediately call our office. In this case our office sends you a technical team that will fix the car or change it with the new similar one.

Conflict zones in Georgia

There are two conflict zones in Georgia: Tskhinvali region and Abkhazeti. The border is closed and it is prohibited to cross it with the hired vehicle.

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