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Tour type: Daily Tour / Duration: 2 Days / Maximum number of people: Unlimited / Location: Adjara

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Tbilisi-Adjara-Tbilisi Tour

Tour Info – Price 340 EUROS

Tour Duration: 2 days

The tour includes: transportation, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, driver and guide service.
Tour can be organized with either SUV or VAN types of vehicle.
The minimum number of tourists 4 people.

Prices: Tour for four people – 340 euros for one person;
Tour for seven people – 320 euros for one person;
20% discount for children from 3 to 12 year olds.
Babies are free from tax from 1 to 2 year olds.

Price includes: Transfer, transportation, accommodation, breakfast, driver and guide service.

Tour Program

First day - Dolphinarium, Botanical Garden, Boulevard, Makhuntseti waterfall

Batumi Dolphinarium opened in 1975 and it was the first demonstrational dolphinarium in the Soviet Union, as well as one of biggest in the world.
The existence of dolphinariums makes any city more attractive and tourist-friendly and that is exactly wta happened in Batumi. Oever time, this venue has become the city’s trademark. In the beginning of the 1990s, the Batumi Dolphinarium stopped functioning, but 20 years later it was completely renovated and functioning, but 20 years later it was completely renovated and reopened. now the building boasts a modern design and lives up to all standards necessary for keeping the marine animals in proper conditions. the venue features two tanks (3724 000 liters) for cetaceans and their volume allows to keep up to 15 dolphins at a time. Taming of dolphins is systematically overseen by scientist. the dolphinarium has seats for 703 spectators.

Batumi Botanical Garden
Batumi Botanical Garden is located at the Green Cape and covers 275 acres of land close to the sea. The Chakvi settlement was created into the so-called Climatization Garden, which today is known by the name of the Upper Garden.
Today, the garden covers approximately a kilometer of the sea fronts southwestern part, between Chakvistskali river outfall and the Green Cape, and stands at 220 meters above the sea level.
The garden is special due to its diverse and very specific physical and geographical conditions. The collection of plants includes over 5 000 species, types and varieties.

The history of Batumi Boulevard begins in 1881. The idea belongs to the then-governor of Batumi A. Smekailov the decision was officially made by the city′s police chief Voznesensky and Prussian gardeners Roesler and Reier were entrusted with the boulevard construction.
By the end of 2009 the boulevard was significantly elongated and today its length reaches 7 kilometers. The so-called New Boulevard was designed by a Spanish architect and was set up in accordance with modern standards. Its length is 1200 meters. The Boulevard covers a total of 255 acres, including 85 acres of green lawn, 66 acres of gardens and playgrounds and 92 acres of beaches. It is also includes the Ardagani Lake, the area, of which is 9 acres.

Makhuntseti waterfall
Makhuntseti waterfall is located in the mountains of Adjara. 30 kilometres from Batumi city. There is very cold water and it flows go from 20 meter height.

Accommodation in Batumi

Second day - Gonio, Kvariati, Sarpi, Tbilisi

Black sea coastline of Adjara from tributary of river Chorokhi till Turkish border is several kilometers away. Local population was primarily engaged in agriculture, growing tobacco, citrus fruits and tea. After opening borders the coastline of Gonio-Kvariati-Sarpi gradually became a popular resort destination. Vacationers have here seaside surrounded by mountains, wonderful scenery and warm, transparent sea water, peaceful gulf, while diving lovers are attracted by deep seabed.

At the entrance of Gonio sits antique times Gonio-Apsaros Fortress. The fortress has been restored and is the biggest fortification structure in Georgia.

NovadaysGonio-Kvariati has developed resort infrastructure germane for the resort area. Seaside is well-organized, there are many cafes, bars, shops. In recent years many hotels and rest-houses were built some of them right on the beach and some peppered on the slopes.

Coastline climatic resort of Sarpi is located right on the Georgian-Turkish border crossing. There is a check-point in the village. Sarpi is the last point of the European backbone expressway 70 running across Georgia. Sarpi is no more than 3 km long , but it has wonderful mountainous scenery, fine stone beach and the cleanest sea water in Adjara resort zone.

Administratively Sarpi is a part of Khelvachauri municipality comprising historical Machakhela gorge. In 2012 the gorge was declared National Park. Machakhela National Park is part of ecological passageway that links preserved territories of southwestern Georgia (Mtirala and Kintrishi) with northern-eastern preserved territories of Turkey (namely, Camili Biosphere Sanctuary).

Accommodation in Tbilisi

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