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 Tour type: Daily Tour / Duration: Full Day / Maximum number of people: Unlimited / Location: Kakheti, Sighnaghi, Kakheti, Kvareli

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Tour Info – Price 105 EUROS

Tour Duration: 1 Day

The tour includes: transportation, driver and guide service.
Tour can be organized with either SUV or VAN types of vehicle.
Min of people – 4 person.

Prices: Tour for four-six people – 105 euros for one person;
Tour for seven and more people – 95 euros for one person;
20% discount for children from 3 to 12 year old.
Babies from 1 to 2 year old – free.

Price includes: transportation and driver/guide service.

Tour Program

Sighnaghi, Bodbe Monastery, Kvareli Wine tunnel, wine tasting, Ilia lake

Sighnagi is one of those rare cities that remained almost unchanged. several years ago it was completely reconstructed. Hotels restaurants and banks were opened and the city turned into one of Georgia’s tourist centers. From the eminence, a beautiful sight of shida Kakheti (Inner Kakheti) straddles below the city. A cool breeze always blows here, even in summer when the heat is scorching the villages spread throughout Alazani Valley. Every tourist guide offers visiting the small city of Sighnagi which so does not suffer from a lack of visitors.

Bodbe Monastery
In close vicinity of Sighnagi, the nunnery of Bodbe houses the body of St. Nino who is one of the greatest saints of Georgia. She brought Christianity to Georgia and preached and spread the faith. Bodbe nunnery, regarded one of the most sacred places of Georgian Orthodoxy, is visited by many pilgrims.

Kvareli Wine tunnel
The largest tunnel of Winery Khareba is located near the town of Kvareli. The tunnel is carved in massive rock of the Caucasus, was opened in 1962 specifically for the World Congress of Vine and Wine at present Khareba repository of the country.

Winery Khareba is constructed of 15 tunnels. Two tunnels reaching 800 meters are parallel to each other and connect the other tunnels that are 500 meters. the walls of the tunnels are lined with thousands of bottles of khareba wines. the tunnels keeps the temperature relatively constant and cool facilitating the storage of wine.

Georgian wine tasting
The Georgians think that their country is the motherland of wine and that Kakheti is an distinguished part of Georgia completely dominated by the cult of wine. Kakhetian peasants absorbed in the annual agrarian cycle are even-tempered. They appreciate their own labor and the labor of others. It seldom happens in Kakheti that the toast to the year’s yield is not proposed during a feast. Here, each peasant has a wine cellar to keep wine according to the ancestral rules in pitchers buried in the ground. There are more wineries and more wine produced in Kakheti that in all other parts of Georgia.

Ilia lake
5 km to the east from Kvareli, a reservoir was created by damming of river Duruji that in commemoration of a great Georgian writer Ilia Chavchavadze, was given moniker of `Ilia’s Lake. The lake became a leisure and recreational center. From one side it surrounded by hillocks covered with forests, from the other side there is recreational park with attractions and playgrounds and very beautiful amphitheater, lakeside is accompanied by an alley with several cafes and restaurants. The lake is situated in the microzone of famous semi-sweet wine variety called Kindzmarauli.

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