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 Tour type: Daily Tour / Duration: 3 Days / Maximum number of people: Unlimited / Location: Svaneti, Samegrelo

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Tbilisi-Samegrelo-Svaneti-Tbilisi Tour

Tour Info – Price 440 EUROS

Tour Duration: 3 days

The tour includes: transportation, transfer, accommodation, breakfast, driver and guide service.
Tour can be organized with either SUV or VAN types of vehicle.
Min of people – 4

Prices: Tour for four-six people – 440 euros for one person;
Tour for seven people and more – 420 euros for one person;
20% discount for children from 3 to 12 year old.
Babies from 1 to 2 year old – free.

Price includes: Transfer, transportation, accommodation, breakfast, driver and guide service.

Tour Program

First day - Inguri dam, Museum of Svaneti, Khergiani Museum

Inguri hydroelectric dam
The Enguri Dam is a hydroelectric dam named after the river it was built on.
Georgia is among the world’s leading countries when it comes to water potential. In the following years power plant was built in 1961-1978.
Today, this dams importance for the county is immeasurable. Even in times of mistrust between Georgians and Abkhazians, this dam represents a bridge between the two nationalities. Thus, in addition to its economic importance, it also has political meaning, being a lifeline between the occupied Abkhazia and the rest of Georgia.
The dam itself is located in Jvari (Tsalenjikha district) and the power stations in the conflict zone.

Historical and Ethnographic Museum of Svaneti, Mestia
Historical and Ethnographic Museum was established in 1936. There are archeological objects. They are discovered in Svaneti region, painted icons, religious objects, manuscripts, weapons, armor, iron and cooper items and etc.

Michael Khergiani Museum, Mestia
There is no coincidence that Svanetians are the only mountainous people of Georgia who got down to professional alpinism. The history of Georgian alpinism was written by representativies of renowned families such as the KhergianIs, Nigurianis, Tseredianis, Gablianis, Giganis, and others. There is the house museum of Svanetian alpinist MikheilKhergiani in mestia. Khergiani, called the `Rock Tiger`, tragically died in the Italian Dolomities in 1969.

Accommodation in Mestia.

Second day - Highland village Ushguli

Highland village Ushguli
The pass in Svaneti leads from the village of Ushguli to lower Svaneti. This road is possible only in summer and only for vehicles with cross-country capacity. The highest of village of Ushguli – 5058 m. Its gorges are surrounded by high summits and global lobes sometimes reach the lower forest belts. It was a territory belonging to free mountainous people every Svanetian considered it to be his duty to protect the land from enemies.

Accommodation – Mestia.

Third day - Dadiani palace, Zugdidi

Dadiani palace, Zugdidi
Dadiani’s Palace, also known as Dadiani Palaces Historical and Architectural Museum in Zugdidi, was founded in 1921, on the basis of archives kept in various residences of Dadiani princes. The museum is housed in two typical Dadiani-style buildings.
The region′s archeological and ethnographic materials are in display here, namely the exhibits of feudal history, personal items of the last ruler of Samegrelo David Dadiani and his family members, as well as other items.
Dadiani Palaces Historical and Architectural Museum houses world-important exhibits and religious sanctuaries. Around the museum, there is a park occupying about 165 acres, home to many unique trees and bushes brought from around the world.

Accommodation in Tbilisi.

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