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Tbilisi-Mtskheta-Gori-Tbilisi Tour

Tour Info – Price 105 EUROS

The tour includes: transportation, driver and guide service.
Tour can be organized with either SUV or VAN types of vehicle.
The minimum number of tourists 4 people.

Prices: Tour for four-six people – 105 euros for one person;
Tour for seven and more people – 95 euros for one person;
20% discount for children from 3 to 12 year old.
Babies from 1 to 2 year old – free.

Price includes: transportation and driver/guide service.

Tour Program

1 Day

Monastery of the Cross
Monastery of the Cross is 6th century monument, built on the eastern side of Mtskheta, close to the confluence of Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers, on the top of a rocky mountain. It is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Svetitskhoveli was remade and renovated numerous times over the course of its existence however in 1283 the cathedral was damaged by a powerful earthquake and in the 14th century King George the Magnificent restored the dome. In the 11th century the interior of the cathedral was covered with numerous drawings and carvings the fragments of which are preserved to this day.

Samtavro monastery
In 420s and 430s, Svetitskhoveli, built by MirianIII, was destroyed and Archbishop Iona transferred his seat to the “higher church”, this was when it was renamed Samtavro (from Georgian „mtavari“, which stands for main or principal).

Shiomghvime Monastery
Shiomgvime is one of the most important monasteries of early feudal period.It is located in Mtskheta Municipality, on the left bank of Mtkvari River. By the second part of the 6th century, one of the Syrian fathers, Shio, founded this church. As the historical sources say, Shio spent last days of his life in a cave and when he died, he was, according to his will, buried in that same cave, hance the name of the monastery – ShiosMgvime stands for The Cave of Shio. His grave, located inside the monastery, is considered a holy place.

Ioseb Stalini museum in Gori
There is the Stalin museum in the dictator’s home town of Gori. Enormous halls filled with the vozhd′s relics resemble a pagan burial vault and are impregnated with the soul of a totalitarian state. The museum is a strange and rather depressing place. However, it is very popular among tourists coming to Georgia.

At the bank of the Mtkvari River near Gori is a city cut in rocks: Uplistsikhe was hewn much earlier than two similar monuments, Davit-Gareja Monastery and Vardzia, that were dug into rocks in the Middle Ages. The caves here were mainly hewn in the 6th to 4th centuries BC.
Uplistsikhe built on a barren cliff, was supplied with water by means of a several-kilometer clay system that was laid from the neighboring hills and was well disguised. The city also was had a secret path leading down to the river. The tunnel is still well-preserved.

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