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Tbilisi Tour

Tour Info – Price 70 EUROS

Tour Duration: 1 Day

The tour includes: transportation, driver and guide service.
Tour can be organized with either SUV or VAN types of vehicle.
The minimum number – 4 person.

Prices: Tour for four people – 70 euros for one person;
Tour for seven people and more – 65 euros for one person;
20% discount for children from 3 to 12 year old.
Babies from 1 to 2 year old – free.

Price includes: transportation and driver/guide service.

Tour Program

Full Day

Holy Trinity Cathedral
Holy Trinity Cathedral Sameba is located on Elia Hill in Tbilisi. Commonly known as Sameba. It was built between 1995 – 2004. Geological surveys required deep digging of the cave, due to which it was decided to till the underground space with buildings. Five churches were built: 1. The Large Church of the Annunciation; 2. The Church of St. George; 3. The Church of St. Nikolas; 4. The Church of all Saints 5. The Church of the Twelve Apostles. The rest of the space was used for a church museum. Each of the churches located under the ground is designed to function independently.

Narikala Fortress
Narikala fortress is the most famous and historical fortress overlooking Tbilisi. The fortress was built in the 4th century as Shuris-tsikhe (Invidious Fort). It was renamed „NarinQala” by Mongols. In 1827 Narikala fortress was seriously damaged by an earthquake and great parts of the tower walls was demolished. Lots of restoration works have been made to protect and keep this greatests castle.

Rike Park
Rike Park is located on the left bank of the Mtkvari River. It is a public recreation area, popular for local and international visitors. The park is easy to find. Visitors can enter either crossing pedestrian bridge of peace of from opposite side using stairways from Avlabaridisctrict. It is a host to a numerous entertainment facilities like dancing fountains and children’s maze, artificial climbing wall.

Peace Bridge
The Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi, opened in 2010 is made of steel and glass. It is pedestrian bridge on the Mtkvar river links the ancient historic center of Tbilisi to east, with Rikepark on the west side from which the new city begins. It provides amazing views of Tbilisi especially at sunset, night or sunrise. It is always crowded with tourists and nearby parks lends it an absolutely unique atmosphere.

King Erekle II and Chardin Streets
Theyare ancient streets of Tbilisi, famous for the enamel gallery and studious where tourists can see the unique enamel goods. The streets gives the peculiar color to our ancient city.

Abanotubani (baths)
In the heart of hearts of Tbilisi, on the boundary of Abanotubani and Ortachala districts of the capital, on the very surface of the ground, there are hot sulphuric water outlets. The history of the foundation of Tbilisi is tied with these springs. According to one of the legends, many centuries ago when the capital of Kartli was Mtskheta and the cavity of Tbilisi was noted for its pristine nature and hunting areas, king Vakhtang Gorgasali accidentally ran against hot spring in which his falcon along with hunted pheasant died from burns. The king liked these miraculous springs so much that he ordered to erect a city there that was later called `Tbilisi` (since 1936 – Tbilisi), or `warm location.

The National Museum of Georgia
Georgian National Museum was established at the end of 2004 and preserving the nation rich, authentic content of cultural heritage provides learning experiences for everyone. It supports the care and management of the nation’s collection, both material and living, to expand and sustain access for current and future generations.

Mtatsminda Park (funicular)
Mthatsminda park is the highest point of Tbilisi located on 770 meters from sea level with 100-year history. There is entertainment center for children, a picnic zone, a big ferris wheel, souvenire shop, various cafes. It is an ideal choice for fun and relaxation.

Turtle Lake
Turtle lake is located in the south-Western direction from downtown, on the Northern slope of Mtatsminda mountain range. It was formed by underground torrents accumulated as a result of staggering landslides of rocks. The length of the lake – is 180 m, surface area – 0,034 sq.m, catchment area – 0,4sq.m, mean depth – 70 sm.

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