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Krubera karst cave

Location: Gagra municipality, Arabika massif, 2250 m above sea level.

Access road: from township of Gantiadi in Gagra municipality the road follows along the Lashipse river, then rocky road crosses the gorge of its left tributary, Sandripsh, and having passed the hamlet of Mendeleevo, goes up to the settlement of Kldekari; from this point the trail leads to the summer meadows crossing the southern segment of Berchili range. The whole distance from bifurcation Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze expressway up to Krubera Cave descent runs up to 70 km; distance from Tbilisi – 660 km; from Sokhumi – 200 m.

Today Krubera cave, or Voronya cave as it also called, is the deepest known underground space on Earth (2197 m). it should be noted that waters of the world’s deepest cave – Krubera cave – feed the world’s shortest river, Reprua.


River Reprua

Location: Gagra municipality, environs of Old Gagra

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 560 km; from Sokhumi – 106 km, from Gagra – 3 km.

Rivulet Reprua – was born with its source in 18 meters from the sea. The length of the rivulet durin wavebreaking is even less and shrinks to 6-10 meters.

Reprua rivulet is outstanding also with these characteristics: its safe yields hovers around 1660-3160 l.sec.


Ghega waterfall

Location: Gagra municipality, territory of the Bzyb village assembly, south-astern sector of the Arabika karst massif, basin of the river Ghega, approximately 530 meters above sea level

Access road: from expressway Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselodze, bifurcation near village Bzyb leads to the road to Ritsa lake. Distance from the road to lake Ritsa until the waterfall is 5 km; distance from Tbilisi – 530 km, from Sokhumi – 85 km, from Gagra – 50 km.

The right tributary of river Bzyb – river Ghega – springs from the height of 2400 meters above sea level, on the eastrn side-hill of the northern part of Gagra range.

Near the waterfall on the right hill-side, Chega cave is located with qute spacy (40-60 m) and high (25 m) entrance. Karst cave with Ghega Waterfall are foremost speleo-tourist sites.


Lake Ritsa

Location: Gagra municipality, basin of Bzyb river, 884 meters above sea level

Access road: Tbilisi –Senaki – Leselidze expressway tributary near the village Bzyb leads in the direction of lake Ritsa via the gorge of river Bzyb; distance from Tbilisi – 540 km, from Sokhumi – 95 km, from Gagra – 60 km.

Ritsa is the deepest lakein Georgia. Its water is very fresh (66 mg/l) and never freezes. In spring it has greenish color, in winter – more  sky – and dark blue. The lake is surrounded with variety of pine trees.

Lake Ritsa is located at 884 meters above sea level. Its mirror surface is 1,49 sq. km, maximal depth – 101 m.


New Athos cave

Location: Gudauta municipality, northern range of Iveria mountain; opening of the cave at 220 meters above sea level

Access road: there is a fork in Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze expressway, and a road leads to the north, distance from Tbilisi – 470 km, from Sokhumi – 26 km.

New Athos or Anakofia Cave were inaccessible for the large community of visitors. This is the year when cave metro started its operation and tourists to the underground kingdom.

New Athos Cave was conceived in the thick limestone rocks with wide clefts and consists of vertical (total depth – 183 m) and horizontal (total length – 3285 m) cavities.


Abyss `Tovliani` (snowy)

Location: Gudauta municipality, so called `Divisive Branch Range` of the bzyb limestone massif, environs of passage Dzina; 1960 meters above sea level.

Access road: to the east from township Gudauta, from Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze expressway there is a country road to village Achandara, then a trail leads to the direction of Didripshi. Karst abyss is situated within 25 km from the village of Achandara; distance from Tbilisi – 550 km, from Sokhumi – 100 km, from Gudauta – 60 km.




Location: gudauta district, southern slope of Bzyb range, basin of river Shavtskala

Access road: a fork of the expressway Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze, and a road leads to the north. Distance from the fork – 10 km, from Sokhumi – 66 km, from Gudauta – 20 km.

This is location of the Georgias most powerful underground river, Mchishta.

Mchishta and abyss `Tovliana` are constituent part of one and the same hydro-geological system. This system starts with the descent entry to `Tovliana` system (1950 meters above sea level) and ends with powerful outlets of Mchishta (70 meters above sea level).


Abrskili cave

Location: Ochamchire municipality, basin of river Mokvi, to the north-west from village Otapi, 4260 meters above sea level

Access road: from Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze expressway a road runs towards Mokvi, then passes the village of Androusi. Abskrili Cave opening is distanced from the village of Otapi by 1 km; from Tbilisi – 430 km, from Sokhumi – 76 km.

Abskrili Cave situated in the southern vicinities of the Kodori range. Its maximal length runs to 60 meters, and minimal – 3 meters.

The cave system consists of up to 10 larger `rooms`. This cave is also archeological and paleo-zoological monument: within the distance of 360 km from the entrance to the cave was discovered a full skeleton of a cave bear and bones of other animals, as well as tools of a stone age humans.

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