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Shida kartli is a historical and geographical area in eastern Georgia and part of the historical Kingdom of Kartli. Traditionally, the territory of Shida Kartli included the areas surrounded by Aragvi River to the east, Caucasus Mountains to the north, Likhi Range to the west and Trialeti Range to the south.

From ancient times, Shida Kartli was criss-crossed by several important trade routes going from the north to the south as well as from the east to the west. This contributed to the creation of several towns along the routes: Mtskheta, Mukhrani, Gori, Urbnisi, etc. Natural conditions and geographic location of Shida Kartli rapidly defined the role this region would play in the history of Georgian statehood.

According to the modern administrative-territorial division, most of historical Shida Kartli is included into the eponymous region and the rest is part of the Mtskheta-Mtianeti (Mtskheta, Akhalgori) and Samtskhe-Javakheti (Borjomi) regions.

There are no rocky mountains or fervent waterfalls, no snowy peaks or mystic caves, no exotic or natural wonders that will attract any travelers attention, Shida Kartli is still a special place.

`Sakartvelo` is the name for Georgia in Georgian language, and is derived precisely from `Kartli`. This place was and always will be unifying point of Georgian lands.

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