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The region of Svaneti is located in the central and North-Western part of Georgia. the region includes historical and geographic part of Svaneti – Zemo (upper) and Kvemo Svaneti

Looking at Svaneti, it should be pointed out that earlier it was deemed to be part of Colchis, later on – part of Egrisi, in XI-XV cc. it was one of the saeristavo (territorial unit in medieval Georgia) of the feudal state of Georgia.

The region resort potential is represented by climatic resorts (mountainous) and hidro-mineral resources resorts (thermal and mineral springs). Natural conditions of the region – hillocky and mountainous landscapes, high peaks and glaciers embrace many places where along with enjoying full-scale holiday it is possible to visit lots of sights created by nature or human beings.

The region is bordered from the west Samegrelo, from the south-by Imereti, from the East – by Shida Kartli, and from the North – by the Russian Federetaion.

Identity of the region Svaneti is determined not only by its geographic location but also by rich landscape, rivers, waterfalls, many forest areas, natural cavities and caves, mountain passes, alpine meadows, picturesque paths and roads, diverse flora and fauna… from numerous historical, ethnologic, archeological and architectural monuments in the region are the most distinguished.

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