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Racha-Lechkhumi Region

Racha, the birthplace of beauty!

Lechkhumi, the unique, God-given creation of nature!

Racha-Lechkhumi is the greatest union of all!

This land is not only famous for its mountains and rivers, nor is it well-known only for its rich forests and sour mineral waters. Rather, Racha-Lechkhumi is the land of special people – good and loving, caring and diligent and apart from that, it is a cloister of myts and legends.

Lechkhumi – its beauty, shrouded in mystery, is a challenge not only for any traveler, but also for anyone who loves adventures.

A poet once said: if you have never been to Racha, then you don’t know what beauty is. That is why you should follow the lens of our cameras and see this jewel lost in Georgias mountains with your own eyes.

Lower Racha is the one with the colorful wings! As for the skies above, you will see them in higher Racha. Mountains Racha is even higher. It is also called Grapeless Racha. It is relatively poor in crops but so beautiful that anyone who visits this land will think that all the worlds beauty has accumulated in this tiny place.

The beautiful region is located in the mountainous area of western Georgia and includes two historical-geographical provinces of Racha and Lechkhumi.

Racha-Lechkhumi′s originality and uniqueness is defined not only by its geographical location, but also by rich and diverse flora and fauna.anyone who sees this mountainous land, its snow-cowered peaks and slopes, rivers and waterfalls, great number of forests, natural caves and grottos, passes, alpine pastures and fields, beautiful roads and paths, as well as Shaori and Lajanuri reservoirs, will not be disappointed. But apart from that, this region is rich in history, culture and folklore…

There are also numerous mineral water springs and resorts; Shovi, Utsera, Lashichala, Kveshvake, Muashi, Sortuani, Bugeuli, Khidikari, where more than 25 types of eponymous mineral and sulfur waters are found. Khidikari, Tsesigora, Uravi, Bari, Skhepuri, Kvedi Lake and others stand out for their spectacular landscapes.

There are numerous unique historical-ethnographical, archaeological and architectural monuments here, notably Nikortsminda, Barakoni, Mravaldzali, Patara Oni, Gebi, Kviriketsminda, Lailashi, Minda Fortress, a complex of fortresses called Dakhvdi (meet), Dahkari (strike) and Ar Gaushva (don’t let go), a century-old Oni synagogue, the grave of a 7th century theologist and religious figure Saint Maxime, the monastery in Tsageri municipality etc.

Racha-Lechkhumi Cuisine

Well-known dishes of the cuisine of Racha are Shkmeruli, Lobio (beans) soup and Lobiani, which is made of lobio stuffing seasoned with bacon. Several weeks are needed to prepare the Rachian bacon. In Racha, Lobiani is baked in the Tone like bread.

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