Ispani swamps

Location: the remotest North-Eastern periphery of the town of Kobuleti; mean height from the sea level – 25 m.

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 340 km, from Kobuleti – 2km, from Batumu – 35 km.

Rare peat bog of Ispani, is part of kobuleti preserve territory. This place resembles a lake covered with 25-45 cm-thick guilt of white sphagnum moss. Water with sphagnum creates a smooth dome. Peat bog never covered with water. Peat bogs preserve the most important archeological pieces.

The Kobuleti preserve territory stretches to 770 hectares includes state sanctuary (Ispani I) and Kobuleti wildlife refuge  (Ispani II).


Kintrishi gorge

Location: kobuleti municipality

Access road: there is a trail till the village of Chakhata of Kobuleti municipality which runs 20 km, then rocky road till the village of Khino. Distance from Chakhati till Khino is 26 km. distance from Tbilisi – 377 km, from Kobuleti – 46 km, from Batumi – 74 km. from the village of Khino to the gorge leads a walking trail route.

In the 45 km gorge of the river is situated Kintrishi State Preserve. Within one day a visitor can see an arched stone bridge of ancient époque.

Kintrishi Preserve Territories include Kintrishi State Reserve and Kintrishi Reserve Landsc. There are wonderful places here for rafting, ethnological, ecological and bird-watching tours.



Location: kobuleti municipality, Adjara-Imereti mountain range

Access road: a road leading to Mtirala National Park starts in Township Chakvi: till village of Khala in Kobuleti municipality there is a bitumen road, then runs a rocky road toward the village of Chakvistavi. Distance from Chakvi till administration of the National Park is 15 km; distance from Tbilisi – 355 km, from Kobuleti – 25 km, from Batumi – 22 km.

Mount Mtirala which lies on 1381 meters above sea level is the wettest place in this country. That is wherefrom derives its name – `Mtirala`  (cring in Georgian). That is why Mtirala National Park was founded on this territory in 2006. There are excellent places for rafting, ethnological, ecological and bird watching tours.

On the territory of Mtirala National Park there is a 12-metre-high waterfall. Within 1 km from the waterfall, between rocks, flows a river turning into a transparent lake rich with trout.


Machakhela gorge

Location: Khelvachauri municipality

Access road: distance from Tbilisi – 390 km, from Batumi – 25 km, from Khelvachauri -15 km, from the village of Acharistskali on the motor road of Akhaltsikhe-Khulo-Batumi distance is 10 km.

River Machakhela flows from the territory of Turkey and enters river Chorokhi near the village of Machakhlispiri. In 29\012 the gorge was declared a National Park. Park covers the areas of Kedi and Khelvachauri municipalities and is spreading on approximately 300-350 meters above sea level.

On the neighboring territory to the national park there are plenty of cultural and historical monuments, namely: arched bridges of various ages, fortresses, wine-pressing tubs made of limestone and wine-cellars.


Makhuntseti waterfall

Location: Keda municipality, community of Makhuntseti, left side of river Acharistskali, 335 meters above sea level.

Access road: from the territory of the village of Makhuntseti in Keda municipality runs a car road up to the waterfall; distance from Akhaltsikhe-Khulo-Batumi road is 400 m; distance from settlement Keda – 12km, from Tbilisi – 400 km, from Batumi – 35 km.

On the territory of the village of Upper Makhuntseti flows river Makhuntstistskali on route of the gorge of which it falls from the total height of 52 meters. It is a true wonder.

On the environs of Makhuntseti one can see plants entered into the Red Book. In approximately 0,5 km from the waterfall there is a surviving stone bridge of medieval époque which was built under the auspices of Queen Tamar. River Makhuntstistskali starts on the Southern slope of mount Makhuntseti situated on Adjara-Imereti, or Meskheti mountain range. Total length of the river is nearly 10 km.


Refrigerator cave in Chanchkalo

Location: Shuakevi municipality, territory of the village of Chanchkalo

Access road: from the motor road Akhaltsikhe-Khulo-Batumi is a turn of the rocky road toward Chanchkalo village leading to ` Refrigerator cave` distance from the fork to the cave is 3,5 km; distance from Tbilisi – 444 km, from Shuakhevi – 10 km, from Batumi – 77 km.

In the Shuakhevi municipality, near the ruins of the fortress in the village of Chanchkalo, is situated an interesting natural makeup – Refrigerator cave. This part of the village is named Namalevi. In summertime it is cold, and in wintertime – warm.

Chanchkalo fridge cave is an interesting tourist site. On the territory of the village Chanchkalo there are approximately two six-century old conifer trees of which one still yields fruit.



Location: Shuakevi municipality

Access road: on Akhaltsikhe-Khulo-Batumi road, in Khichauri, there is a fork, and a road runs toward Chvanustskali; distance from the fork to Kvakatsa is 37 km, distance from Tbilisi – 470 km; from Shuakhevi – 47 km, from Batumi – 100 km. Walking trails to Kvakatsa lead from Shuakhevi; access is also possible via Kintrishi gorge: from the village of Khino, a walking route leads to the north-east, in the direction of mount Nakoravi, passes a site `Sarbieli` and directs to the East, the site called Sarmikeli`; distance from the village of Khino – 25 km.

There are three columns of various size stand upright in one line-up. Relative height of the biggest among them is 11m, diameter – 4,5-5 m. it somehow resembles a sculptur of a human being wherefrom derives its name `Kvakatsa`, meaning in Georgian `A stone man`. The height of another column is 5 m, width – 2 m, the third one is more a boulder than a pillar.


Green lake

Location: khulo municipality, Northern part of Arziani range, 2058 m above sea level.

Access road: from the Batumi-Akhaltsixe automobile road runs a ground road on Goderdzi pass in the Northern direction. To cross this road it is necessary to have a high performance vehicle; distance from the turn is 5 km, distance from Tbilisi – 270 km, from Khulo – 30 km, from Batumi – 100 km, from Akhaltsikhe – 65 km.

On the western slope of Arziani mountain range, in the foot of mount Alma is located a beautiful lake called by the local population `Green Lake`. This natural water is slightly mineralized, pure and transparent water is good for drinking. There are no fish in the lake.