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Tour type: Daily Tour / Duration: Full day / Maximum number of people: 35 / Location: Kakheti, Kvareli

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Tour Info – Price 95 EUROS

Duration: Full Day

Gremi Church of Archangels is a Georgian Orthodox monument located to the east of the eponymous village, in Akhmeta municipality. The temple was built in 1565, by Levan II, King of Kakheti, and its frescoes were finished in 1577.

Nekresi is a monastery complex which is situated in Kakherti gerion. Monastery was established by Abibos Nekreseli one of thethirteen Assrian Fathers in the 6th century. It was one of the most significant and cultural centre of Georgia. Beautifully set on the hilltop in the woods the monastery includes several structures built in different periods. the oldest is a small chapel basilica type built in the 4th century.’

The largest tunnel of Winery Khareba is located near the town of Kvareli. The tunnel is carved in massive rock of the Caucasus, was opened in 1962 specifically for the World Congress of Vine and Wine at present Khareba repository of the country.

The Kvareli reservoir, also known as Kvareli lake is now called Ilia lake, after a famous Georgian writer and public figure, Ilia Chavchavadze . it is situated on the south-western slope of Caucasus mountains, to the right side of Duruji River, 150 kilometres from Tbilisi.

Prices and Additional Info:

Tour for two-tree people – 95 euros for one person;
Tour for four-seven people – 85 euros for one person;
Tour for eight-ten and more people – 75 euros for one person;
Note: 20% discount for children (from 3-to 12-year-olds) non discount available for two-members tour. Babies are free from tax (from 1 to 2 year olds).
Tour can be organized with either SUV or VAN types of vehicle;
Tour includes: transportation, driver/guide service.

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Gremi Church

Gremi Church is one of the best exemplars of domed churches in general and among 16th-18th centuries monasteries in particular. Unfortunately, in later years, no monuments were built either in Kakheti or Kartli that eould match is majesty.

Nekresi Monastery

In the 6th-7th centuries here was erected the main temple of St Virgin Mary. interior frescoes. For instance Bishop’s palace, wane cellar. Abibos became the head of the Nekresi Eparchy, he was fighting against Persians, attempts to implant the fire worshiping into Georgia and was finally executed for insulting of Persian Gods.

Nekresi monastery remembers numerous muslims invasion. The legend tells us: When the muslims had invaded Nekresi Monastery, the defenders of Nekresi let the pigs out from the monastery and then the invaders saw the pigs on their way, they ceased their hostilities and left the monastery in peace. It this commemoration the temple of St Virgin of Nekresi Monastery is the one church in Georgia where the pigs can be sacrificed.

Kvareli wine tunnel

Winery Khareba is constructed of 15 tunnels. Two tunnels reaching 800 meters are parallel to each other and connect the other tunnels that are 500 meters. the walls of the tunnels are lined with thousands of bottles of khareba wines. the tunnels keeps the temperature relatively constant and cool facilitating the storage of wine.

Today Winery Khareba has 1 000 hectares (2,471 acres) of vineyards throughout Georgia. They have 16 grape varieties and 13 different wines. Some grape varieties include: Krakhuna, Tsolikouri, Saperavi, Tsitska, Mtsvane, Khikhvi, kisi, Rkatsiteli, Usakhelouri, Otskhanuri Saphere and Aladasturi.

Kvareli lake or Ilia lake

The lake is created in a small cave and is raised with a dam, whose height is 20 metres and length – 800 metres. The lake nourishes with atmospheric precipitation and is used for irrigation. The lake and its environs are well-equipped which makes this small place one of the best resorts in Georgia.

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